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44 Navan Fort The background to the new Visitor Centre, and a new interpretation of the excavations

50 Diary

Amateurs and Rescue Archaeology

(Dover, Dunstable, Beddington, Hendon, Devon, and Compton Bassett), Salisbury Plain Training

Area, A Hoax, and Smalltalk

53 The Navan Landscape Excavations at the King's Stables and

Haughey's Fort.

56 Belfast

Belfast's first Industrial Revolution

58 Books

Wagon Chariot and Carriage, Late Stone Age Hunters, The Roman Cavalry, Iron Age Societies, Shrines and Sacrifice, The

Illyrians, Joseph Robinson, Colchester Excavations, and D-Day to Arnhem.

60 Ballygalley Rich neolithic site


63 The River Blackwater Dredgings reveal a House-shrine, a Viking metalworker's hoard and a

12th century decorated bowl

65 Stonehenge The problems of roads and the visitor centre.

68 The Belfast Palaeoecology Centre Using Tephra to date the past: the work of the Belfast Palaeoecology


70 Science Diary The SBA newsletter; Ancient biomolecules; Ancient starch; Ancient silk; The earliest copper; The first Americans, Vesuvius and Scotland; The

Radiocarbon calibration programme;

Dwarf mammoths and eternity

75 National Archaeology Day

A list of participants

76 Coleorton

A medieval coal mine brought to light

78 Letters

The Bluestones of Stonehenge, The Least Picturesque Site (Bakers Hole), Corn Du, Romano-British Coal, A View from the

Trenches, Children, Treasure Hunting for Charity, and Fate.

Front Cover The axis of the world ? An aerial view of the excavations at Navan. This clearly shows the grooves revealed in the top of the mound. Is this a dedication to the Celtic wheel God.

Photo courtesy of Historic Monuments &

Buildings, Northern Ireland.


On Blagan Hill The excavation of an important late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age midden site is interrupted by the discovery of a late Roman hoard.

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