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452 Heybridge

Rescue excavation of a Romano-British "small town"

in Essex

459 Buckland

The Anglo-Saxon cemetery in Buckland near Dover was first excavated from 1951-3. Recent excavations have revealed the other half, extremely rich in weapons and jewellery

465 A dead donkey

The skeleton of a medieval donkey has been excavated in Medbourne in Leicestershire


471 Diary

A visit to the Hebrides, Hadrian's Wall management plan, Brading Roman villa, Professor John Coles and Smalltalk

474 Books

The Art of Roman Britain Classical Gems in the Fitzwilliam Museum, The Roman Temple at

Wanborough, Guide to Stone


486 Index

Index to the twelfth volume of

Current Archaeology.

Front cover

Gold pendant from the AngloSaxon cemetery at Buckland,

Dover. Photo: Andrew Savage, Canterbury Archaeological Trust

476 Australian Rock Art

Bruno David introduces Australian rock art, which is at least 29,000 years old, but which changed its nature 5,000

years ago.

466 Footloose in Archaeology

484 Letters

How to analyse feet and foot bones, with examples from Wessex and the Cotswolds.

County societies, Wharram Percy,

The Oldest Wheel, Young Archaeologists, Ireland, and finally, What is PPG16?



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