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The Franciscan


Redevelopment of the Mann Egerton site revealsthe Franciscan



King Street - and


Hall. A story of

Urban regeneration


cattle market, and how the cattle market became a new shopping centre.

Iette rs


Frocester, Clava, SMRs, Scotland's Pilgrim King, PPG 16, Witch Bottles,

and Dr Dyspepsia's tailpiece.


This issueis devoted to a very special medieval town: Norwicn. Norwich was the second largest town in medieva.1England,and certainly one of tnerichest and most important. Over the past twentyyears

But how did Norwich begip?Westart in the suburbs north of the river and particularly in Coslapy,forit is.herethat the best evidence is emerging for early Norwich.

Tbelargestsingleexcavationwasthatatthe CastleMall. Norwich hasone ofthe grandest of all motte and bailey castlesbufthe bailey has long been scarpedaway,and has been replaced by a massiveunderground shopping centre.Wnaf did the excavationsreveal?

TheNorman Conquestbrought major changes to Norwich, not only the construction of a new Castleand Cathedralbut alsothe planting of a new FrenchBorough with 'reliable' Frenchsettlers. Herewe haveadouble story,of the archaeology and also of the disastrousfire that destroyed the Norwich library in April 1994,and which led to the excavations.

Thefotlnding oftheFranciscanfriarywasa huge successand within eightyyears the Friars were.ableto build a magnificent friary in the heart ofthe city. How much havethe recent excavationsbeen able to recover?

Our last story is one of urban regeneration. King Street was once the main road to the southand oneoftne richeststreetsinNorWich.

Butfrom the 18tn century itbqd gone steadily downbiJl and was until recently known as Norwich's red light district. How far has archaeOlOgybeen able to help in its regeneration?

Finally,our thanks to Brian Ayersand the staff of the Norfolk Archaeological Unit, the sourcenot only of the articles,but the ihspiration of this whole issue.


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