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The Taplow Hillfort Taplow is one of the magical words in Anglo­ Saxon archaeology. Here in 1883 a great treasure was discovered: within the church­ yard at Taplow lay a great mound and when this was 'opened', a magnificent Anglo-Saxon burial was uncovered at the centre. It was the most spectacular Saxon burial hitherto known in Britain, and remained so until the discovery of Sutton Hoo in 1939. But what is the background to this Anglo Saxon burial place presumably the "low" (= barrow) of Tappa?

Right. The great barrow at Taplow, with one of the tombs of the later churchyard in the foreground, and Taplow Court (rebuilt 7855) in the background.

Below. View of excavation and Taplow Court, bottom left. The mound cannot be seen - it is hidden in the trees just the other side ofTaplow Court. Top left to bottom right is the River Thames; Maidenhead is top right. Photo: Realistic Photo Graphic, July 1999.

Tim Allen and Hugo Lamdin-Whymark,

Oxford Archaeological Unit


Above. Two of the 'claw beakers' discovered in the barrow, and still in the British Museum.

Below. Saxon double spiral-headed pin from the partly in filled hillfort ditch.


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