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Newly discovered Bronze Age gold cup from near Sandwich, Kent (see News).

Photo: Trustees of the British Museum features

456 The Bradbourne Cross

The biography of an early Christian stone cross in the Peak District.

461 New Rock Art

474 AView from Indoors

Julian Richards has controversial views about fieldwalking.

Current Archaeology No. 179 Vol. XV No 11 Published May 2002

This issue edited by Mike Pitts 125 High Street, Marlborough, SN8 1LU email:

Editors-in-chief: Andrew &Wendy Selkirk Publisher: Robert Selkirk 9 Nassington Road, London NW3 2TX Tel: 02074357517 Fax: 020 7916 2405 email: web:

Current Archaeology is published 6 times a year for a subscription of £20 for 6 issues. Foreign subscriptions £25 or US$40

Subscriptions should be sent to: Current Archaeology 9 Nassington Road, London NW3 2TX

Tel: 020 7435 7517. Fax: 020 7916 2405 email: web:

Back issues £4 each (1- 6, 8, 11, 14, 16, 18,24, 38,49,62,73,75,116,118-9,126-131, 133-140, 151,154-157outofprint).

Binders (to hold 12 copies) £8 (Small binders for issues 1-120 available.)

Printed in Great Britain by The Friary Press, Dorchester


New cup-and-ring carvings at Ketley Crag, Northumberland, at Blarbuie in Argyll, and at Ashover in the Peak District.

468 The Storegga Disaster

480 LAARC: The London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre Europe's largest excavation archive goes public.

483 Palaeolithic Kent The Dover Archaeological Group search for ancient flints.

Geologists believe a huge tsunami crossed the North Sea 8000 years ago. An archaeologist responds.

486 Barcombe Roman Villa A training project in East Sussex that welcomes all comers.



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