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News The Mayophone; reconstruction of a musical instrument. Rochester cathedral reveals oldest door.

Rescue excavation of a 75th century ship on The Newport Boat. the River Usk at Newport

20 Eton Rowing Course Bronze Age and Iron Age timber bridges form the highlights of a landscape study from Neolithic to Anglo-Saxon.

Current Archaeology No.181 Vol. XVI No 1 Published September 2002 This issue edited by Jeffrey May Editor-in-chief: Andrew Selkirk 9 Nassington Road, london NW3 2TX Tel: 020 7435 7517 Fax: 02079162405 e-mail: web: Current Archaeology is published 6 times a year for a subscription of £20 for six issues. Foreign subscriptions £25 US subscriptions $40 Subscriptions should be sent to: Current Archaeology 9 Nassington Road, london NW3 2TX Tel: 020 74357517. Fax: 020 7916 2405 e-mail: web: Back issues £4 each (1-6,8,11,14,16,18,24,38,49, 62,73,75,116,118-119,126-131,133-140,151, 154-157 are out of print). Binders (to hold 12 copies) £8 (Small binders for issues 1-120 available.) Printed in Great Britain by The Friary Press, Dorchester 25090223

7 Poole Harbour Excavations reveal evidence for an Iron Age jetty.

12 Birnie Two Roman coin hoards and the settlement in which they were discovered.


29 GreatOrme Bronze Age copper mines and an Early Bronze Age smelting site.

37 Hampton Court Excavations reveal Thomas Wolsey's Renaissance palace.


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