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front cover Mother Christmas? Dominic Andrews' painting of a Neanderthal woman, all dressed up in her finest furs. Is this what the hominids who scavenged at Lynford Quarry looked like?

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53 Lynford Quarry Rescue excavations in a gravel quarry have revealed a 60,000 years old river channel filled with mammoth tusks, rhino bones, and mint-condition handaxes - a Neanderthal butchery site.

Current Archaeology No. 182 Vol. XVI No 2 Published November 2002

This issue edited by Neil Faulkner, 36 Leyland Avenue, St Albans, AL1 2BE email: Layout by Robert Selkirk.

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Printed in Great Britain by The Friary Press, Dorchester 14110223

9 Whittlewood

A new medieval settlements project is under way in the Midlands. The leading historians and archaeologists involved set out their plans, explain their methods, and reveal some early results.



Ros Niblett sums up several big cemetery excavations at Folly Lane, King Harry Lane, St Stephens and two rich burials recently found outside the town


Piddington The long-running villa excavation has found a first century 'proto-villa' and a Roman penknife


Tri-radial Cairns A new type of cairn has just been discovered on the Northumberland moors. Excavations at Ray Sunniside have shown what they were like.



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