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ill features front cover Jayne Brayne's reconstruction drawing of the Amesbury Archer. Note that his left leg is withered, due to an injury; the copper knife is shown in a sheath over his chest; and there is a wristguard on his left arm. And if the latest radiocarbon dates are correct, the appearance of Stonehenge in the background may be a little premature!

Current Archaeology No. 184 Vol. XVI No 4 Published February 2003 This issue edited by: Jeffrey May Layout by: Robert Selkirk Editors in chief: Andrew & Wendy Selkirk Publisher: Robert Selkirk 9 Nassington Road, London NW3 2TX Tel: 02074357517 Fax: 020 7916 2405 email: web:

Current Archaeology is published 6 times a year for a subscription of £20 for 6 issues. Foreign subscriptions £25 or US$40

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Tel: 020 74357517. Fax: 020 7916 2405 email: web:

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Printed in Great Britain by The Friary Press, Dorchester 07020323


146 The Amesbury Archer Two Beaker burials have recently been excavated on a new housing estate at Amesbury, not far from Stonehenge. One was a spectacular burial of an archer- but not far away was a second burial of a companion. Andrew Fitzpatrick gives us the first details of the burials featured in a recent television programme

156 Frilford

What is the true explanation of the mysterious circular monument close to the Iron Age and Romano-British temple in Oxfordshire?

160 L1anbedrgoch

The first Viking settlement to be found on Anglesey

;1IJia....'.)W: --I

170 Ingleby

New excavations by Julian Richards at the only known Viking cemetery in Britain


Liverpool Science Diary

Professor Elizabeth Slater summarises some of the latest Liverpool projects: Dating the Palaeolithic; The Makapansgat project; Sterkfontein caves; and Walking Upright

The Newport Ship 176

Kate Howell follows up our recent news flash on the medieval ship from south Wales


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