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Outreach in the 1990s. At South Park Farm near Haslemere, the society investigated a Medieval moated farm in 1991-94 and then opened the site to school parties and the general public. Above. An artist's reconstruction ofthe site as it may have looked in its prime. Right. Cleaning out the moat

And into the 21st century. Below. Computers help to plot out fieldwalking finds of Roman tile which allow a 'floating' villa plan from a 1930s excavation (which they forgot to tie into the National Grid!) to be fixed in the landscape.

The society, working with Guildford Museum, runs a thriving Young Archaeologists Club (YAC) for 8-16 year olds. Here a YAC member excavates a Roman mosaic at Cocks Farm, Abinger. What a way to start out in archaeology! But what about the two in the background? A couple of late starters? Actually, they look rather familiar: mosaic experts Steve Cosh and David Neal in classic pose!

Chiddlngfold survey 2002: distribution of RB tile overlaid as a best fit on the 19305 plan of the villa

• • 36100








110825 625 to 1650

• 1650 to 2475

• 2475 to 3300 I 98000 • 3300104127

Further reading

Surrey Archaeological Society's latest publication is Aspects of Archaeology and History in Surrey, a fine collection of summary essays on recent research into the county's heritage written by a . gallery of experts and sumptuously illustrated. It can be ordered from Surrey Archaeological Society, Castle Arch, Guiidford, Surrey, GUl 3SX, price £20 plus £4.70 p&p.

Special thanks are due to Edward Walker of Surrey Archaeological Society for his great help in preparing this article.

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