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168 Alchester

A newly discovered military tombstone changes the history of the Roman Conquest.

180 Kew Palace

Revealing the true appearance of Mad King George's palace.


184 Bishopstone

The residence of an Anglo-Saxon thegn (a minor lord) is discovered beside a village church.

191 Samian Wear

New experiments show that samian ware may not have been so special.

198 Northborough

Carenza Lewis reports on Time Team’s discovery of a Neolithic causewayed enclosure.

200 Brian Philp

A review of a top Kent rescue archaeologist’s 50 years in the field.




164 News

The Colchester Circus; The Mellor Dagger; Showing Swanscombe; Bosworth Battlefield; Handaxe from the Stone Age; Harby Head.

177 Diary

Roman Big Dig or National Archaeology Week: which do you prefer?; Smalltalk.

194 Books

Seahenge: a quest for life and death in Bronze Age Britain; Britain BC: life in Britain and Ireland before the Romans; Britain AD: a quest for Arthur, England and the Anglo-Saxons; Archaeology: theories, methods and practice; The Archaeology of the Welsh Uplands.

206 Letters

Town planning in Lincoln; Salisbury Cathedral; the Witham Saxon sword; Gatehouses.




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