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217 Creswell Crags

The first Upper Palaeolithic cave art to be discovered in Britain. Plus a note on Aveline’s Hole.

228 Dolforwyn Castle

The castle of the last Welsh Prince of Wales is now finally excavated, conserved and open to the public.

238 The Swan

The excavation of an early 17th century warship that sank during Cromwell's expedition against Scotland.

248 Nassington

The excavation of the Prebendal manor, and the preservation of the dovecot and tithe barn.



212 News

A carved stone on Fylingdales Moor, Yorkshire; Late Bronze Age bronzes and gold objects from a wreck off the Devon coast; A penannular gold ring from Spettisbury, Dorset; Roman wooden coffins from London; A witch bottle from Debenham, Suffolk.

235 Diary

Environmental Stewardship Scheme; Domitianus II goes to Oxford; The Rose Theatre; The Sibsey Trader Windmill restored; Smalltalk.

244 Books

The Time Team Guide; Boats of the World; Henge Monuments of the British Isles; The Joy of Flint; Archaeological Field Handbook; Trent Valley Landscapes; The Upper Derwent: 10,000 Years in a Peak District Valley; Prehistoric Cheshire; Ancient Northumberland; Dolforwyn Castle & Montgomery Castle; Christian Maclagan: Scotland's Formidable Lady Antiquary.



256 Letters

The Big Roman Dig; Alchester; Britain AD; Celtic Heads; The 'New’ Archaeology; Costume; Town Planning; and Facial Injuries.

259 And finally...

What is public archaeology? How to help your museum.




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