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516 Heronbridge

Venerable Bede wrote of a major battle between AngloSaxons and Britons near Chester in c.AD 616. Have the Chester Archaeological Society found the bodies?

526 Easington

The story of a hundred year search for the secrets of a Bronze Age barrow.

532 Carmarthen

Rescue excavations by Cambria Archaeology reveal a frontier town on the furthest fringe of civilisation - the Roman Empire's Wild West.


543 East Leicestershire Helmet

A stunning Roman cavalry parade-helmet, buried with a hoard of silver and gold coins, is painstakingly revealed.

548 Lord Mayor’s Coach

How the science of 'geomatics' has provided a complete 3D database record of the Lord Mayor's coach.


512 News

Grave find at Torre Abbey; Saxon loot scoop at the BM; Painted Lady found under floorboards; Norfolk privitises its archaeology; Roman Colchester; Protest at Prittlewell.

540 Books

Nonsuch Palace, Volume II; Britannia; Chatsworth; Yeavering; The Roman Government of Britain.

553 Antony Francis

Why British archaeology is in crisis.

554 Carenza Lewis

The second part of Carenza’s report on the Big Roman Dig.

556 Last word

Andrew Selkirk discusses what happened to England after the Middle Ages, and English Heritage’s Annual Report.

558 Letters

Climate change; Tracing the conquerors; Double standards; Fortune-tellers not crooks; Renfrew-speak; Sorry, yellow-bellies.





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