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Current Archaeology 211 (Vol XVIII No. 7) September/October 2007

Editorial Managing Editor: Lisa Westcott Features Editor: Neil Faulkner Contributing Editor: Christopher Catling Editor-in-Chief: Andrew Selkirk Publisher: Robert Selkirk Business Manager: Libby Selkirk Current Publishing, Barley Mow Centre 10 Barley Mow Passage , London W4 4PH Tel: 08456 44 77 07 (office hours) Fax: 08456 44 77 08 email: web:

Current Archaeology is published 6 times a year for a subscription of £20 for 6 issues. Single issues £4 each (overseas £5) Foreign subscriptions £25 or US$40.

Subscriptions Subscriptions should be sent to: Current Publishing, Barley Mow Centre 10 Barley Mow Passage, London W4 4PH Tel: 08456 44 77 07 (office hours) Fax: 08456 44 77 08 Subs queries to: Web subs: Back issues: £4 each (1-6, 8, 11, 14, 16, 18, 24, 38, 49, 62, 73, 75, 116, 1189, 124-131, 133-141, 151-157 out of print). Binders: (to hold 12 copies) £10 (Small binders for issues 1-120 available)

Design Think Publishing, The Pall Mall Deposit, 124-128 Barlby Road, London W10 6BL. Tel: 020 8962 3020

Printed in the EU by TGC Print

Unauthorised reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without written permission. The publisher, editor and authors accept no responsibility in respect of any products, goods or services which may be advertised or referred to in this issue. Every effort has been made to secure permission for copyright material. In the event of any material being used inadvertently or where it has proved impossible to trace the copyright owner, acknowledgement will be made in a future issue. 27070723

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Features 11 Britannia Prima Evidence from West Britain supports the region’s position as the last bastion of Romanitas.

19 ‘Learned & curious men’ The Society of Antiquaries turns 300 with a new exhibition and modern appeal.

25 Graves, symbols, and the Stone Age way of death We highlight recent discoveries and new theories about rock art from Anglesey.

32 Rescuing a Norfolk mosaic from the plough Norfolk’s sole Roman mosaic at the mysterious site of Gayton Thorpe.

40 The avant-garde architects of late medieval Norfolk Evidence from New Buckenham suggests that the town was way ahead of the ‘Great Rebuilding’.

Regulars 4 News House-hunting, Stone Age style; Thornborough festival; Motorway threatens Ireland’s Hill of Tara; Early flush toilet; Introducing the Votive Deposits Database; Saving A-level Ancient History; Redundant Saxon church reopens as heritage centre; Roman burial pits.

31 Miles Russell The archaeology of Dr Who

44 Odd Socs A loving look at the United Kingdom’s unique heritage societies.

45 Books Landscape Archaeology and GIS; The Dig; Killing Time: archaeology and the First World War.

47 Last Word The Roman Society; Amicus Curiae.

49 Letters Private collectors or rich looters?; Bazaar of the heroes; Bayesian confusion; Leicester rules okay?; Nomination for Champion’s Corner; Losing their marbles; No archaeology?

25 Neolithic death rituals revealed in rock art

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