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Left The broken flagstone surface of the latest building. This photograph is taken from the same angle as the reconstruction image on P.33, and shows the 14th century pit excavated in three sections with the broken flagstone surface beyond.

pottery was uncommon we are relying on guesswork. Even so, the discoveries of 2008 give us good evidence for the gradual transformation of this location from the bustling fortress of Isca to the rural community of Caerleon.

The second season of excavations in Priory Field is planned for the summer of 2010.

For more information about Roman Caerleon, its history and archaeology as well as more details about our work on the site, visit the Caerleon Research Committee website: uk/hisar/archaeology/crc/.


Further information Andrew Gardner will be speaking about Caerleon at Archaeology Festival 2009 in Cardiff, 6-8 February 2009

Sources Andrew Gardner, Institute of Archaeology, UCL Dr Peter Guest, University of Cardiff

Visit Caerleon during Archaeology Festival Cardif 2009: As part of our programme of events at the Archaeology Festival, we will be offering a tour of Caerleon on Friday, 6 February. Tour price is £15, leaving Cardiff by coach at 9:00am and returning at 5:00pm, with a packed lunch included. Guided by Dr Peter Guest and Dr Richard Brewer, the tour will take visitors up close to excavations completed as recently asthis past season. The first stop is at Caerwent, where Dr Richard Brewer (see Caerwent: a Roman Town on page 38.) will take us around the best-preserved surviving Roman walls in Britain and the excavated remains of the forum-basilica, the Romano-Celtic temple, an urban courtyard house, as well as the shops and houses of the Pound Lane site. In the afternoon we will continue on to Caerleon, where Dr Peter Guest will guide us through the ancient fortress, including the amphitheatre, Prysg Field barracks, the fortress baths and the National Roman Legion Museum. For more information about the tours and about the Festival, visit and click on the Festival logo.

Useful links: Road: Caerleon is on the B4236 off M4 junction, approximately 25.8km (16 miles) east of Cardiff. Rail: Main line services to Newport. For more vinformation on reaching Caerleon: CADW, the official Welsh government office website: Caerleon Tourist Office

Visit our website to see what others have said about Caerleon - and add your own comments about your trip.




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