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somerset Roman coin hoard

The Frome HoardAmassiveceramicjarcontainingover52,000 Roman coins has been discovered by a metal detectorist in a Somerset field – the largest coin hoard ever found in Britain in a single pot. What can it tell us about wealth, ritual and political upheaval in Roman Britain?


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In April 2010, metal detectorist Dave Crisp discovered some scattered pottery and 21 Roman coins in the middle of a field in Somerset. Soon after that, he heard a ‘funny noise’ through his headphones; digging down, he found the massive ceramic container which had originally held the coins, and which was packed to the top with more.AccordingtoDave,‘Thepotstartedtoemerge from the soil, and it went down from a small neck and got bigger and bigger. It never seemed to end.’ A detectorist never knows on any given day what mightturnup,butwhatiscertainisthatDaveCrisp had no idea that he had just uncovered the largest single pot of Roman coins ever found in Britain.

Realising that he had something very, very big on his hands and that professional archaeological help would be needed in order to properly excavate the find, Dave downed his trowel and all photo


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Bournemouth called Katie Hinds, the Finds Liaison Officer for Wiltshire, who in turn called Anna Booth, the FLO for Somerset. This turned out to be one of the most important decisions ever made by a detectorist in the field, as it allowed for careful excavation of the pot and its contents, ensuring important evidence about the circumstances of its burial eptember 2010 |

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