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was preserved. It is just these circumstances that are adding curious evidence to what is already a fascinating story.

The Frome Hoard, comprised of 52,503 coins from the 3rd century AD, sheds light on the economic crisis and coalition government of the 3rd century – and it is set to rewrite history

| Issue 246

books. One of the most important finds within the hoard is a group of over 760 coins of Carausius (AD 286-293), Britain’s break-away Emperor. This is the largest group of his coins ever found, and include five rare silver denarii, the only coins of this type being struck anywhere in the Roman Empire at the time of their making.

above The heavy pot filled to the brim with coins. Note the surviving organic material, either straw or withies, that had been packed around it to protect it in the ground. | current archaeology


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