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25 William Palmer

Genius Friend: G B Edwards & The Book of Ebenezer Le Page Edward Chaney 26 Matthew Sturgis

Wilde’s Women: How Oscar Wilde Was Shaped by the Women He Knew Eleanor Fitzsimons • The Fall of the House of Wilde: Oscar Wilde & His Family Emer O’Sullivan poem 27 Declan Ryan ‘My Morning Jacket’

foreign parts 28 Nadira Naipaul

Trials: On Death Row in Pakistan Isabel Buchanan 29 Gillian Slovo

We Are Not Such Things: A Murder in a South African Township & the Search for Truth & Reconciliation Justine van der Leun 30 Jonathan Mirsky

The Water Kingdom: A Secret History of China Philip Ball 31 William Blacker

Comrade Baron: A Journey through the Vanishing World of the Transylvanian Aristocracy Jaap Scholten

43 Gillian Darley

Cities of the North: Jones the Planner Adrian Jones & Chris Matthews 44 Martin Vander Weyer

Eccentric Orbits: The Iridium Story John Bloom 45 Stephen Bates

That Was the Church, That Was: How the Church of England Lost the English People Andrew Brown & Linda Woodhead 47 Oliver Balch

Footnotes: How Running Makes Us Human Vybarr Cregan-Reid 47 Judith Vidal-Hall

A Country of Refuge Lucy Popescu (ed)

poetry 49 Peter Scupham

No Map Could Show Them Helen Mort • Undying: A Love Story Michel Faber • The Wilderness Party A B Jackson cookbooks 50 Edward Behrens on five new recipe books body & soul 33 Kevin Jackson

Melancholy: Melankólia László F Földényi 34 Anthony Daniels

The End of Memory: A Natural History of Aging & Alzheimer’s Jay Ingram 36 John Gribbin

A Smell of Burning: The Story of Epilepsy Colin Grant 37 John Harwood

Near-Death Experiences: Understanding Visions of the Afterlife John Martin Fischer & Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin • Afterlife: A History of Life after Death Philip C Almond general 39 David Ekserdjian

National Gallery Catalogues: The Sixteenth Centry Italian Paintings – Volume III, Bologna & Ferrara Giorgia Mancini & Nicholas Penny (edd) 40 Miranda Seymour

The Long, Long Life of Trees Fiona Stafford 42 Lucy Moore

The Radium Girls Kate Moore fiction 52 Lucian Robinson

Dirt Road James Kelman 53 Paul Bailey

The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 83¼ Years Old Hendrik Groen • Feeding Time Adam Biles 54 Jonathan Barnes

The Essex Serpent Sarah Perry 55 Francesca Carington

Goethe Dies Thomas Bernhard 56 Megan Nolan

The Bones of Grace Tahmima Anam 56 James Marriott

The Heavenly Table Donald Ray Pollock 57 Liam Hess

Infinite Ground Martin MacInnes

58 Jessica Mann Crime 60 Lucy Popescu Silenced Voices 48 Crossword 34 Literary Review Bookshop at Heywood Hill august 2016 | Literary Review 3

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