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Gramophone Awards Shortlist 2016

V ergnano

G iorgio


p h o t o g r a p h y

Giuseppe Maletto recording Heinrich Isaac with Cantica Symphonia on Glossa this music may in its time have been performed by a smaller ensemble, with one voice to a part. That said, The Brabant Ensemble’s centre of acoustic gravity is rather high for my taste. This impression is confirmed by the short pieces taken by the high voices alone, which don’t constitute as great a contrast as one might anticipate. No doubt the sound recording and ambience have their role to play but one is left with an odd sense of mismatch (as though drinking a Trappist ale from a Kölschbier glass). That said, the beer really is first-rate. Fabrice Fitch

A de Lantins . H de Lantins ‘Secular Works’

A de Lantins Amour servir et honnourer (two versions). Ce jour de l’an, belle, je vous supply. Hélas emy! ma dame et ma mestresse. Las, pouray je mon martire celer. Ne me vueillés belle oblier. Puisque je suy cyprianés. Puis que je voy, belle, que ne m’amés. Tota pulchra es anima mea (two versions) H de Lantins Celsa sublimatur victoria/Sabine, presul dignissime. Chanter ne scay ce poyse moy. Grant ennuy m’est, tres douce simple et coye. Hélas amour, que ce qu’endure. Io sum tuo servo. Je suy exent entre aman pour amour. Mirar non posso ni conzerner. Per amor de costey. Plaindre m’estuet de ma damme jolye. Un seul confort pour mon cuer resjoïr Le Miroir de Musique / Baptiste Romain vielle/bagpipes Ricercar F RIC365 (67’ • DDD • T/t)


Hugo and Arnold de Lantins are somewhat shadowy figures (possibly brothers, though this is not proven) who rubbed shoulders with the young Dufay in Italy and left a small but significant body of music.

That this provides a stylistic point of reference for their more famous colleague has long been recognised by scholars, but this recording compellingy demonstrates its intrinsic quality. Working within the formal conventions of the poetry of the time, their music breathes restrained

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