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art and academia interviewed and their words transcribed and analyzed along with observational field notes. Participants were promised confidentiality. Therefore, in the report, quotations are generally identified by position and sometimes by institution, but never by the interviewee’s name.

The reports The study is written up as four reports, each one focused on one of the research questions described above. Each report can be read independent of the other reports. Therefore some repetition about the overall study will be found on the first few pages of each, usually inserted as footnotes. The reports are briefly summarized below. Results from this study are meant to enhance institutional and public recognition of the contributions campus art museums can make to multiple constituencies and to help identify how the Kress Foundation and others can best serve campus art museums.

Around fifty years ago, the Samuel H. Kress Foundation distributed works of art to two-dozen colleges and universities throughout the United States in what has been referred to as The Great Kress Giveaway. The first report, Effects and Influences of “The Great Kress Giveaway,” helps shed light on how these corrine glesne | 15

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