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A Handbook for Academic Museums: Exhibitions & Education

This is the first of two companion volumes which aim to aggregate in one convenient place good current thinking on the opportunities and issues unique to academic museums. The result is a collection of best practices, innovations, and sound approaches that offer guidance and inspiration for the entire community, large and small, well-endowed and modestly-resourced alike. This book is above all - a practical resource.

Editors: Stefanie S Jandl and Mark S Gold

ISBN: 978-1-907697-52-4 [paperback] ISBN: 978-1-907697-53-1 [hardback]

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This first volume addresses such key issues as the museum’s teaching role, experiential and object-based learning, exhibition programs, controversial projects, interdisciplinary collaboration, and collections stewardship.

“A vital resource for anyone working in or concerned about Academic museums. It will become the standard text for generations to come.” James Cuno, President & CEO The J. Paul Getty Trust

“The many fine essays broadly represent the rich range of activity and thought and will delight all readers.” Jock Reynolds The Henry J. Heinz II Director Yale University Art Gallery


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