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the exemplary museum shelves of individuals and libraries alike.

The Kress Foundation has a longstanding interest in and commitment to the academic art museum. Half a century ago, the Foundation distributed hundreds of old master paintings and other works of European art to nearly two dozen academic art museums throughout the United States, and to this day it takes an abiding interest in ensuring that these regional Kress study collections advance the cause of teaching and learning, research and scholarship – in the arts and all across the curriculum. In working with Dr. Glesne, we decided to focus this study on a diverse suite of academic museums that had been beneficiaries of Kress donations of works of art. Our key interest in adopting this approach was to ensure a long view of “the campus art museum” and its manifold contributions. Focusing on the museums in question guaranteed that several decades of data – and several generations of interviewees – would be available to the study. But it should be emphasized that it is very much “the” campus art museum per se that is of interest to us and that Dr. Glesne’s remit and achievement has been to derive lessons of general relevance to “art and academia,” to cite again the subtitle of the current monograph. We believe she has performed this ambitious task effectively, and are

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