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a handbook of strategies for success

8 Introduction administration 14 How Do I Measure Success? 16 The Art and Science of Retailing 24 Recognize and Deal with Ten Big Retail Sins 32 Use Proven Ratios to Plan your Future Sales 38 Learn How to Project the Inventory You Need to Open a New Store 46 Use Competition To Enhance Your Product Range 50 Balance the Benefits of Buying Stock on Consignment customer service & selling 60 Building Customer Relationships 66 Is Your Store Somewhere Customers Want to Be?

72 Learn Handselling Skills and Sell More Books 76 Involve and Train Your Volunteers 82 Connect Well with Your Foreign Language Customers finance 90 Understanding and Using Your Income Statement 96 The Formulas that Demonstrate Store Performance 104 Tracking Critical Data in Critical Times 112 Take a Commonsense Approach to Budgeting 116 Test How Low and How High Your Pricing Can Go 122 Earn the Right To Maximise Your Margins 128 Control Your Costs, Especially Your Inventory 132 Let the Customer Drive Your Store Expansion andrew andoniadis • 5

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