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museums at play Leveraging Play, Unlocking Imaginations 96 l isa ellsworth & & sara deangelis F uture of Play, Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose L et’s Play Soldiers: Learning While Playing 1 12 christine v an everbroeck,

s andra verhulst & sandrine place M usée Royal de l’Armée, Brussels E lementary, My Dear Visitors:

Ho w Puzzles, Mysteries and Challenges C an Create Memorable Learning Experiences 128 s arah fellows A voncroft Museum of Historic Buildings P laying with History:

I nteractive and Collaborative Games a t Tryon Palace Historic Site 140 c lay gish & john zaia E SI Design B ullying Prevention Games at the Illinois

Ho locaust Museum & Education Center 154 r achel hellenga I llinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

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