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the psychology of visitor studies EXHIBITION DESIGN 10 Principles of Exhibit Design 22 Suggested Guidelines for Designing Interactive

Exhibits 46 Evaluation of the Falling Feather Exhibit on Gravity 54 Deadly Sins Revisited:

A Review of the Exhibit Label Literature 74 Prompting Visitors with Signage 94 Formative Evaluation of a Pepper’s Ghost Exhibit

Device SIMULATED IMMERSION 102 Immersion Experiences in Museums 122 The Role of Simulated Immersion in Exhibitions 144 Towards an Objective Description of the

Visitor Immersion Experience 158 Memory of Objects, Labels and Other

Sensory Impressions from a Museum Visit 168 A Study of the Immersion Experience from

Self-Reports of Cued College Students 176 Dioramas in Exhibition Centres:

A Selected Review and Analysis SOCIAL INFLUENCES 202 Social Influences on the Visitor Experience 210 A Closer Look at Families in Museums:

Children’s Age contents • 5

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