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When Saturday Comes No 355 September 2016

A Sunderland sub joins the pre-season friendly at Harlepool at half time regulars 5 Editorial Top-end football is now as much about star signings and money as it is about actually winning trophies

6 Sidelines Hull sound the Allam; the death of non

League press coverage; Luton’s power trip; supporters get serious; new owners Swan in at the Liberty; up early for the Cup

12 Shot! Ma l t e s e t e am B i rk i rk a r a br e a k Hea r t s i n

Edinburgh in the Europa League second qualifying round

24 Focus on Eamon Dunphy worked hard to make the most of h i s t a l ent at Mi l lwa l l , but s t i l l kept h i s rebelliousstreak

Where can a man exchange his duplicates with confidence? It is inappropriate, apparently, to navigate a school perimeter Sticker collecting p18

34 Euro view Kosovo a r e approved , now t hey need pl aye r s ;

Turkish fan groups struggle to stick together

40 Books Rocky’s mountain; light Reading; Grecian ph i lo s ophy ; Man Utd’s lo s t t a l ent

43 Letters I saw a player in some amazing boots… 46 Season in brief L i ve r pool’s f i r s t t i t l e a nd t he beg i nn i ng of t he end for the footballer’s handlebar moustache FEATURES 14 Style council The FA are supposed to have a new national way of playing, but no one seems to want it; the Premier League expand their influence to kids

16 Eye of the needle How the over-reliance on cortisone during the

1970 s a nd 1980 s d amaged pl aye r s ’ hea l t h i n t he long term

18 Sticky situation Completing Panini albums is a job best left to children;theartyalternativetomainstream sticker books

20 Match of the month A pre-season north-east derby provides the perfect opportunity for everyone to chat about SamAllardyce


The press box at Victoria Park is packed, but it’s fair to say that few of the journalists have come to see new signing Padraig Amond Hartlepool United v Sunderland p20

26 A link to the past Club historians are vital for placing the game in the wider context of society but not enough c lub s s e em t o c a r e

30 Clothing rail Football shirts used to be for youngsters and the most loyal fans, now they’re ubiquitous

32 Work experience Drawing snooker balls out of socks and tweeting gibberish from your pocket – the life of a volu nte e r i n a c lub ’s PR depa r tment

36 Still with us Maidstone’s spectacular collapse and remarkablereturn

38 Gulf of Naples While i t may appea r t o be I t a l y ’s u l t imate one-club city, way below SSC Napoli there are plenty of historic teams carving out a living

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