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CONTENTS No. 298 September/October 2016





10 A IS FOR AGRO-INDUSTRY… … putting the bee under threat. Oliver Tickell reports 13 trunk cal The remarkable elephant images of Hamish John Appleby 14 WE ARE SLEEPWALKING INTO

CATASTROPHE Unless we tackle runaway inequality, disaster awaits,

argues Mark Goldring 16 THE MAN WHO STOOD UP FOR NATURE Michael McCarthy pays tribute to George Perkins Marsh, the pioneering ecologist 18 NATURE ON HOLY GROUND Miles King on the wide eco-values of churchyards


20 TOWARDS THE REGENERATIVE CITY Reforming urban life is essential for a sustainable future,

says Herbert Girardet

Cover image: Illustration by Luc Schuiten



Fritjof Capra on the continuing influence of Werner Heisenberg, 40 years on 28 LISTENING TO THE SPIRIT OF PLACE Sound ar tist Matthew Shaw urges us to be still – and hear where we really are 30 THE BIG ELSEWHERE Robert Brady’s Japanese memoirs show Nature’s riches revealed 33 JUST SO MUCH AND NO MORE Donella Meadows, from the Resurgence archive, on ecoeconomics 34 NATURE AND IMAGINATION Vanessa Sheehan argues for a changed view of our planet

NEW ONLINE Helena Norberg-Hodge on the beauty of economic localisation. Satish Kumar shares the unique vision of Schumacher College as it prepares to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary. Christine Toomey reviews The Buddha In Me,The Buddha in You: A Handbook for Happiness by David Hare. Plus details of this year’s Resurgence Poetry Prize competition. All the stories environmentalists across the globe are talking about, plus opinion pieces and reviews. Check for new daily content, including regular analysis of key political issues. To contact the editors, email or

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September/October 2016

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