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A number of the poems assembled in this collection have appeared or been performed in other settings. An earlier version of ‘Through’ was written for a collaboration with Simon Smith and Jack Hues & The Quartet, featuring Jack Hues, Sam Bailey, Mark Holub and Liran Donin. The poem was published in Cordite Poetry Review and a recording of the collaboration appeared in Thinking Verse. ‘Feedback’ was written for a collaboration with Simon Smith, Sam Bailey, Evan Parker and Matt Wright. The collaboration was performed at the Sounds New Poetry festival in 2012 and was published in Blackbox Manifold. ‘The Archaeology of Walking’ was written for a collaboration with Nancy Gaffield entitled ‘The Eastbridge Variation’ and was performed at the Eastbridge Hospital, Canterbury as part of Sounds New Poetry 2014. ‘Syntax’ was first published in The Evergreen: A New Season in the North: Volume I. It has been a privilege to work with all the writers and musicians mentioned here and it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to thank them. I am very grateful also to the editors who have been generous enough to publish my work.

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