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Why We Need Libraries

It is the mid-sixties, and it does not matter which year exactly;

it may have been the year Mrs White threw water on the cat. It may not.

At the bottom of the hill, opposite the football factory which will close in 1981 (although nobody knows this because nobody can look into the future in fact the future is a pair of stout walking boots in a sealed box)

they are loading books from the old library to take to the new library which is near the new clinic and not far from the new old folks’ home at the top of the hill. Yes, isn’t it symbolic that these new things are at the top of the hill. Yes, isn’t that Ian McMillan and his pal Chris

Allatt waiting outside the empty new library, the green tickets in their fists, their eyes hungry for Biggies? It is the mid-sixties, and the future is waiting to walk away from us, briskly, as though we smell funny, leaving the new

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