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The mystery of Life Our lives are part of a vast evolutionary plan which has been known since the dawn of civilization,

but only to a few.

Now its details are revealed in modern Theosophy,

a rich resource for inquiring minds. For further information please write to:-

Th e Blavatsk y Trus t Dept. TE 2/B . c/o The Theosophical Society,

50 Gloucester Place, London W1H 4EA.

NEW ZEALAND Biodiversity Ecology Study Tours

Small group studies of endemic wildlife and plants in areas of ecological significance. Qualified naturalist guides specialising in Ornithology, Botany, Entomology. Discover how geological and human events have influenced the dynamics of wetland, forest and alpine communities.

enquiries Forento New Zealand Ltd, Box 1964, Rotorua, New Zealand

FELLOWSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT Ecological Conversations: Gender, Science and the Sacred A Rockefeller Foundation Humanities Fellowship Program at the Center

for the Study of Women in Society, University of Oregon. This program invites scientists, scholars, writers and activists from different cultur­ al and national contexts to converse about the fundamental philosophical, ecologi­ cal, political and spiritual questions generated by the convergence of the women's and environmental movements around the globe. The theme for the 2000-2001 aca­ demic year is the cultural analysis of science practice and policy. How are scientif­ ic concepts and research results translated into the public environmental discourse? What is the role of the merging ecofeminist vision of science and technology in this discourse? How can we move beyond environmental crisis rhetoric?

Application deadline: January 17, 2000. Contact: Tel: +1 (541) 346 5399; Center for the Study of Women in Fax: +1 (541) 346 5096; Society, 1201 University of Oregon, E-mail:

Eugene, OR 97403-1201, Website:

Iain Frearson BA BArch RIBA Architect for a Sustainable World

Green Architecture Environment-Friendly Materials

Low-Energy Design Self-Build Projects Historic Conservation and Repair

Low-Impact Development

68 Cavendish Road, Cambridge, CB1 3AF Tel/Fax (01223)473997

V *• * Issue 9 Summer 1999 Price £3.00 v

A 24 Hour Moratorium on Consumer Spending

Nov. 26,1999

Go Ahead-Take the Plunge' Find out what it feels like to go one whole day without shopping It'll open your eyes to the way we all live

Copy this poster, or download posters from www adbusters org Put them up at work, on your fridge or anywhere you like

Air the TV uncommercial in your community Watch Ouicktime or Real Video versions of it at www adbusters org



Corporate Watch Corporate Watch is a quarterly magazine confronting the root causes of our social and ecological crisis. Peeling back the PR facade, it shows you

how commercial interests dominate the political agenda, and links environmental and social devastation to corporate activity. As well as uncovering corporate crimes, Corporate Watch provides updates on the

campaigns and resistance against them. THIS ISSUE: inside the mind of corporate man - and a genetics special on AgrEvo, spin doctors, animal feed and franken-trees...

Subscrib e now ! or or 16b Cherwell Stf Oxford 0X4 1BG Tel: 01865 791391