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Sian Davey Plymouth University I like the way that you also find yourself looking for Martha. And when you find her there is an intensity, an energy around her in the picture. This could have ended up too sweet and girly, but it has an edge to it. Sian’s distinctive colour palette gives it strong elegiac mood and thus reinforces her theme.

Ayesha Saeed Royal College of Art You’re always looking for something fresh and I have never seen this before: an artist’s self-portrait made by exploring the ‘psychogeography’ of her right thumb. The title alone is a winner. I like the fact that the images seem to find their inherent form: the process leads to the pictures and there’s minimum subsequent elaboration. Their form is thus pure, surprising and strong. Yet it is not an exercise in abstract formalism. Ayesha’s photographs propel you into the arena of digital profiling with all the issues of control and discrimination that implies.

Jadwiga Bronte¯ London College of Communication I find these photographs heartbreaking but also human and warm. It’s a classically good documentary project. The subject is hard-won: it must have been extremely challenging to access these ‘internats’. Jadwiga draws our attention to a current human tragedy in a way which is involving rather than blunting. I found these people in Belarus stayed with me for quite a while.

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