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Shoair Mavlian Curator, Tate Modern

Peter Spurgeon University of South Wales This project reveals a fascinating footnote in the history of the Second World War. Shot entirely at night Spurgeon has carefully lit what is left of control bunkers in the landscape in an attempt to revive the theatrics originally employed by the military to create fake cities. In the present day, as the technology associated with conflict has progressed to such an advanced degree it is interesting to be reminded of these now outdated tactics. The project reveals both the close up detail and wide angle perspectives of the landscape, giving an interesting insight into the scale and locations of these sites.

Sian Davey Plymouth University ‘Martha’ documents the often hidden and secret world of teenage life, giving the viewer an insight into the everyday life and activities of contemporary youth. There is a relaxed and unobtrusive nature about Davies work seen in the way in which she captures what seem like moments of spontaneity. Davies also manages to blend portraiture and landscape seamlessly to create a dynamic and evocative visual narrative.

Derek Man University of South Wales The Isle of Wight Analogy’ reveals small fragments of information as it attempts to construct and piece together a picture of national identity. The snapshot aesthetic and use of harsh lighting evoke nostalgia and transport the viewer back in time, perhaps to better days. There is also a hint of voyeurism portrayed through the deliberately experimental framing of the works. The status Man feels as an outsider is visibly present in his images as they present fragments of a chaotic and confused version of old Britain bouncing between the traditional to the contemporary.

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