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Aaron Dickson Ulster University Photography has an amazing ability to reveal beauty in the everyday, and this is precisely what Dickson has managed to achieve in his project ‘Notes on Hospitals’. By limiting himself to within the confines of the hospital walls Dickinson was forced to look closer and harder at the ordinary, bland and mundane interior of a busy working public building. His images reveal structure, form and beauty found within the everyday environment. Dickson also manages to capture the passing of time shown through the wear and tear on the physical space and moments of calm and absence. Overall there is a sustained focus and consistency to the project.

Laetitia Kamayi University of Westminster Kamayi uses archival images as the starting point for her project ‘You Should Know Me’ exploring ideas of memory, personal and national identity. The mixture of formal portraiture, documentary photography and archival imagery sit very well alongside each other revealing only fragments of a much larger story, leaving the viewer wanting to know more about the personal tale. The project engages with a variety of different registers both in terms of medium and approach setting up a multi-layered and engaging project.

Caro Ray London College of Communication This project uses as its starting point two things routed in the history of ancient Greece; democracy and the marathon, and combines them to engage with the current social, political and economic situation. The conceptual nature of the project following the route of the original marathon, this methodical mapping and the straight, frontal approach of shooting is at odds with the messy and chaotic nature of the spaces which are depicted. Colour also plays a very important role as the dark blue curtains of the polling booths quickly become a repetitive motif. In ‘Democratic Landscapes’ Ray manages to capture both humour and the banal in the midst of a very serious political and social situation.

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