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Nouri al-Jarrah

Rasha Omran

Mohamad Alaaedin Abdul Moula

Rosa Yassin Hassan

Khaled Khalifa

Cover painting by Toufic Abdul-Al

8 EDITORIAL 10 Liana Badr: One Sky, a short story translated by Becki

Maddock 16 Muhsin al-Ramli: Excerpt from the novel The

President’s Gardens, translated by Luke Leafgren

27 SYRIA IN THE HEART 28 Dima Wannous: Excerpt from her novel The

Frightened, translated by Julia Ihnatowicz 36 Rasha Omran: Poem – “The Woman Who Lived in the

House Before Me”, translated by Jonathan Wright 47 Khaled Khalifa Excerpt from his novel Death is Hard

Work, translated by Leri Price 55 Hala Mohammad: Poem – “Lend me the window,

stranger”, translated by Raphael Cohen 64 Maha Hassan: Excerpt from her novel Aleppo Metro,

translated by Jonathan Wright 74 Fawaz Kaderi: Three Poems, translated by Raphael

Cohen 76 Haitham Hussein: Excerpt from his novel Hostages of

Memory, translated by Jona Fras 82 Rosa Yassin Hassan: Excerpts from the novel People

Under a Spell, translated by William M Hutchins 96 Nada Menzalji: A Poem, translated by Valentina Viene 98 Nouri al-Jarrah: Poem “The Boat to Lesbos”, translated by Camilo Gomez-Rivas


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