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O'Donohue, William and Kitchener, Richard (1996) The Philosophy of

Psychology Sage, London and California. [Good critical analysis of philosphical issues, e.g. ethics in chapter 25]

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Neuroses in Dogs", in Pavlov (1955). p 235 [p. 63 - 2nd and 3rd quotes]

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ref; pp. 142-3 play ref; p. 144 - moral dev. ref]

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20-22 - ref]

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Wisconsin Press. USA. [Good at linking Philosophy to Psychology.] [Watson quoted from p 405 on p. 72.]

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Other Clinical Tales. Harper Perennial. New York. p 11 [p. 14 - quote]

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Ed.) Harcourt Brace. USA [Excellent for history.]

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4 - quote] (For Skinner, 1938 and 1953, seep. 76.)

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[American undergraduate text.]

Sternberg, R. J. (1997) Pathways to Psychology Harcourt Brace.

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Edition, 1992) p 554: [p. 11 - ref)

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[American undergraduate text.]

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(1996). pp 259-2 [p. 4 - quote; p. 72 - quote)

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Schulltz (1996) pp 275-6 [p. 75 - quote]

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[p.13 - ref and quote]

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Schultz (1996) p 72 [p. 25-1st quote]

Wundt, Wilhelm from Diamond (1980) A plea for historical accuracy. (Letter to the editor). Contemporary Psychology, 25, 84-5, in Schultz (1996) p 76

[p. 25 - 2nd quote]

Wundt, Wilhelm ("Rules of introspection") in Schultz (1996) p 78 [p. 25 - 3rd quote]

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