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236 ‘Vladimir Mayakovsky’ and Other Poems Could You?


crawl the earth under the eyelashes of fallen palmtrees 11 Cries and Whispers 12 Discarded and gathered the white and the crimson 3 Earth! 10 Eat Your Pineapple 85 Eat your pineapple, chew your grouse 85 Europe 139 Every single day I see 107 Exhausted Portrait of Spring 9 For five years the workers’ throats have sung 128 Get together for the march! 92 Glory, glory, glory to the heroes! 105 Going Cheap 70 Grief 100 Her eyes shot me a lightning bolt 100 Here I come 75 Hey! 64 Hey, Coolidge! 161 Hoofbeats 86 Hooliganish Stuff 159 How Red Is Your Riding Hood? 84 How’s It Going? 171 How to Treat Horses 86 I and Napoleon 59 I can’t stay home. Annensky 68 I don’t know if you’ll get it 15 I know 95 I live on Bolshaya Presnya 59 I Love 119 I straightway smudged life’s dull self-portrait 6 I would 223 I’m Bored 68 I’m Happy! 227

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