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When Saturday Comes No 359 January 2017

Kidderminster realise they can’t fit Gainsborough Trinity on their “next home game” sign regulars 5 Editorial It’s been another year of meddling from the authorities, with no good ideas in sight

6 Sidelines Norman Bettison’s post-fact era; York City in a dow nwa rd s p i r a l ; v i deo r e f e r e e i ng ge t s c lo s e r ; fancontrolinScotland;Tangerinenightmare

12 Shot! Dover Athletic take on Cambridge United in an FA Cup first-round replay at the Crabble

15 Harry Pearson column No one wants to be a Jonah so make sure you have your lucky soup before matches

24 Focus on

Don Revie’s journey from Leeds’ cheap option to one of the country’s most formidable forces ny player who succeeds in beaning you with the ball is roundly cheered, which is corrective for the ego Life of a steward p28

30 Euro view Re f e r e e s under t h r e at i n Gree c e a s t he gove r nment c r ac k dow n ; Qa r aba g ’s s ucce s s continues despite not having a home

32 World view Argentina are number one in the world,

but t hey a r en’ t pl ay i ng l i ke i t

40 Books Howard Gayle tells all; non-League nirvana;

Cliff Jones ref lects; Kerry Dixon’s confused tale

42 Letters F i n a l l y, t he G e r r y Gow myste r y i s s olve d…

46 Season in brief The Home Counties on the up as Luton and

Watford earn promotion in 1981-82 FEATURES 16 Just about managing Football needs more BAME managers but

Dwight Yorke is unlikely to be one of them; womenremainunder-representedincoaching

19 Gordon’s alive The SFA have made plenty of odd decisions in their time, and not removing Gordon Strachan from his post is up there with the strangest

20 Match of the month K i dde r m i n s t e r may f e e l l i ke a h a rd pl ac e t o lo ve but t he i r s t yle of pl ay, a nd t he at mosphere in the stands, could change your mind

Harriers are one of the oldest non-League clubs, but in this notoriously moany town, civic pride is in short supply Kidderminster v Gainsborough p20 colin mcpherson

26 Gone but not forgotten Losing your club for good leaves a hole it’s impos s i ble t o f i l l ; t he d i s appea r a nce s of Leyton FC and Rossendale United

28 Steward’s inquiry Those people in f luorescent jackets have f e e l i ng s t oo a nd t he i r j ob i s much h a rde r t h a n just standing still for 90 minutes

34 Victorian life Fa n s i n t he 180 0 s h ad a lmos t a s much t o moan about as we do now; hat-tricks and groundbr e a k i ng sk i l l – F r ed Spi k s l e y ’s e vent f u l c a r e e r

36 Breaking with tradition How TV taught a youngster to love the game;

football is more than what happens on a pitch

38 Basque in the glory On opposite banks of the Nervión river Bilbao’s other clubs manage to eke out a living

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