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Gollancz Fantasy TPb March £16.99 416pp 978 1 473 21278 7 ebook: £8.99 / 978 1 573 21280 0

C. RObERT CARGILL Sea of Rust a touching story of one robot’s search for the answers in a world where every human is dead.

It is thirty years since the humans lost their war with the artificial intelligences. Not a human remains. but that does not mean there is peace.

When the war came, brittle was forced to choose between the woman he swore to protect and potential oblivion at the hands of rising anti-AI sentiment. Thirty years later, his choice still haunts him. Now he spends his days in the harshest of the wastelands cannibalizing the walking dead – robots hours from shutdown – looking for the parts he needs to keep going.

C. robert Cargill wrote the film Sinister and its sequel, and was the lead writer on Marvel’s Doctor Strange. Dreams and Shadows was his debut novel.


Location: Texas, USA Available for interview f/C.Robert.Cargill @Massawyrm

Gollancz Science Fiction & Fantasy • March 2017

Gollancz Fantasy TPb March £18.99 752pp 978 0 575 11520 0 ebook: £9.99 / 978 0 575 11523 1

MARk ALDER Son of Night

The hundred years’ war reaches the bloody slaughter of Crecy as angels and demons fight for the future of man.

In his series for fans of George R.R. Martin and bernard Cornwell alike, Mark Alder takes his history of the Hundred Years’ War into France as the war between Heaven and Hell swallows up the ambitions of both the French and English crowns.

This is a truly unique historical fantasy that will ensure you never see the history of medieval Europe in the same way again.

Mark alder is the pseudonym of fantasy author and journalist M.D. Lachlan, author of the critically acclaimed Wolfsangel. He also regularly performs as a stand-up comedian.


Location: brighton, East Sussex Available for interview f/md.lachlan T: @mdlachlan

Gollancz Fantasy TPb March £14.99 272pp 978 1 473 21287 9 ebook: £7.99 / 978 1 473 21289 3 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 409 1 6177 6 / 16 hours

DAN AbNETT The Wield an heroic dark ages fantasy about an elite warrior band, from a bestselling fantasy author. Perfect for fans of David Gemmell.

The name of both an ancient order of warriors, and the country they inhabit, bestselling author Dan Abnett tells the story of The Wield; the most feared and respected soldiers of their world.

According to legend, The Wield was forged centuries before to defend against an ancient evil so awful that none are permitted to know of it. but when a new recruit unwittingly reawakens this dark and inhuman terror, The Wield must scour their histories for the means to defeat it, before all is lost to the darkness.

Dan abnett has worked extensively in the comics, films and computer game worlds. He is the author of, amongst many others, the Gaunt’s Ghosts books – black Library’s most successful line.


Location: kent Available for interview www.theprimaryclone. T: @Vincentabnett

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