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Trapeze is one of the newest imprints at the Orion Publishing Group. Launched in October 2016, Trapeze publishes the very best commercial fiction and non-fiction that identify trends, break new voices and start conversations.

Trapeze’s fiction list includes books by standout voices in the crime, psychological suspense, reading group and women’s fiction areas. New authors for the list are Isabel Ashdown, Daniel Cole, David M barnett, Tilly bagshawe, Tami Hoag, Jem Lester and Costa Award-shortlisted author Sarah J. Naughton.

Trapeze’s non-fiction list is the home of celebrity autobiography, pop-culture, music, lifestyle, inspirational memoir, gift and humour. Authors include Alan Partridge, blogger Rubyetc, Mick Wall, Charlotte Abrahams, nutritional health coach Lizzie king, Peter Dunne, Mayte Garcia, Madeleine Shaw and the world’s most watched YouTuber – The Diamond Minecart.