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Trapeze Diary, activity book Hb December 2016 £9.99 128pp 978 1 409 17118 8

DAN THE DIAMOND MINECART DanTDM 2017 Diary and Activity book

For all DanTDM fans, this 2017 diary and activity book is all you need for a fun-filled year!

Join your favourite YouTuber DanTDM on a fun-packed ride through the year. As well as being a week-by-week diary with plenty of space for you to fill in your most important dates, this book is also bursting with puzzles and activities to keep you entertained all year round. Learn how to make your own edible enchanted crystals, pick up Dan’s top YouTube tips, and find out everything you ever wanted to know about Dan in an exclusive Q&A! With challenges, crystal hunts and enough games to see you through to 2018, this diary is all you need to make this the best year ever!

Dan The Diamond Minecart is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world with over 12 million subscribers. He averages 400 million views per month, making him the most-watched gaming channel on the whole of YouTube.

Trapeze Gift, memoir Hb March 2017 £12.99 192pp 978 1 409 16790 7 ebook: £12.99 / 978 1 409 16792 1

PETER DUNNE The Fifty Things Lessons for when you feel lost, love Dad humane, wise and funny letters from Peter Dunne to his children; a blueprint for liberal, thoughtful living in the modern world.

Approaching fifty and reflecting on his achievements, Peter Dunne realised that although he hadn’t invented the Internet or found a cure for cancer, he had nonetheless fathered three remarkable children.

He set out to leave a trail of metaphorical breadcrumbs for them, resulting in a hilarious and touching book of letters from a father to his children. From Compromise to Compassion, from Democracy to Sacrifice, The Fifty Things explores the social mores and morality of our time and tries to answer the eternal questions that line the path to peace of mind.

Peter Dunne has worked in the film industry for over thirty years. He is also developing a slate of projects for film, Tv and stage.


Location: Wellingborough Available for interview TheDiamondMinecart f/TheDiamondMinecart T: @dantdm author:

Location: Herefordshire Available for interview T: @peterdunne

Trapeze Non-fiction • December 2016