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Trapeze Memoir MMP April £6.99 320pp 978 1 409 17152 2 ebook: £6.99 / 978 1 409 17153 9

JORDAN bONE My beautiful Struggle

From popular youTuber Jordan Bone comes the inspiring true story of a young woman rebuilding her life after a car accident that changed it forever.

When Jordan got into a car with friends aged 15, she had no way of knowing that she would never walk again. After a car crash that left her paralysed from the waist down, her teenage life changed beyond recognition. My Beautiful Struggle is Jordan’s account of her incredible journey to get her confidence – and her life – back. This isn’t a book about outer beauty; it is a story of inner strength, and of finding the motivation to succeed when all hope is gone.

Jordan Bone is a successful beauty vlogger and passionate road safety campaigner. She has partnered with top beauty brands such as Urban Decay and Liz Earle, and will have a monthly ambassadorship column in Cosmopolitan from October.


Location: king’s Lynn, Norfolk Available for interview f/JordanBone1 T: @JordanBone1

Trapeze Cookery Hb April £20.00 272pp Full colour throughout 978 1 409 17047 1 ebook: £20.00 / 978 1 409 17048 8

MADELEINE SHAW A Year of beautiful Eating

100 ways to eat yourself beautiful season by season by bestselling food writer Madeleine shaw.

In A Year of Beautiful Eating, bestselling nutritional health coach Madeleine Shaw shows you how to eat your way to health and beauty all year round. With over 100 nutritious and wholesome recipes packed with flavour and medicinal benefits, Madeleine focuses on the importance of eating in tune with nature and supercharging your plate with what your body needs to look and feel beautiful season by season.

Madeleine’s cookery books have both been major bestsellers, landing at No. 2 in the bestseller lists. She is in huge demand from the press and brand partners

Madeleine shaw is a trained nutritional health coach, food blogger and cook. She works with an impressive list of high-profile clients, from models to athletes, helping them to become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves.


Location: London, SW18 Available for interview f/madeleineshawnutrition T: @madeleine_shaw_

Trapeze Non-fiction • April 2017