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W&N Memoir Hb / ETPb February £14.99 / £12.99 304pp 978 1 474 60596 0 / 978 1 474 60597 7 ebook £14.99 / 978 1 474 60599 1 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 409 17151 5 / 12 hours

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SHANNON LEONE FOWLER Traveling with Ghosts A Memoir of Love and Loss

H is for Hawk meets Wild. a beautiful memorial to a great love and a brave survival guide to coming to terms with loss.

In 2002, marine biologist Shannon Leone Fowler was backpacking with her Australian fiancé Sean in Thailand. The couple were due to return to Melbourne, but their plans were tragically derailed when a box jellyfish – the most venomous animal in the world – wrapped itself around Sean’s legs, killing him in minutes. Rejecting the Thai authorities’ charge of ‘drunk drowning’, Shannon ferried his body home to his stunned family – a family to which she no longer belonged. Shattered and untethered, Shannon set out on a journey to make sense of her loss. From Auschwitz in Poland to war-torn Israel and shelled-out bosnia, and finally to barcelona, where she first met Sean, Shannon charts a path through sorrow towards recovery.

‘a brave and necessary record of love, as beautiful as it is heart-breaking’ ann Patchett shannon leone Fowler is a marine biologist and writer.


Location: London, SW17 Available for interview T: @shannon_leone

STEPHEN PURvIS Close but No Cigar A True Story of Prison Life in Castro’s Cuba an eye-opening account of a year spent in a Cuban jail – its horrors and absurdities.

businessman Stephen Purvis suspected that an arrest was coming after his boss was taken in. Yet he and his family decided to stay in Cuba: despite living there for twelve years he had a naive sense of fair play. Eventually, Stephen was arrested for the vague crime of passing state secrets. Quite what secrets and to whom is not clear.

He shares a tiny cell with three other men and can seldom go outside. The food is inedible. Many men there commit suicide; others just rot or go mad. Then, just as suddenly as it began, it all ends with his trial.

Told with rare self-possession and humour, Close But No Cigar gives a fascinating insight into the dark heart of Cuba’s prison system.

stephen Purvis, a Wimbledon-born architect, was held in Cuba after his company, Coral Capital Group, fell foul of a massive anti-corruption drive launched by President Raúl Castro. He was imprisoned for fifteen months before safely returning to britain in 2013.


Location: London, SW19 Available for interview

W&N Non-fiction • February / March 2017