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W&N Science Hb / ETPb April £20.00 / £14.99 256pp 978 1 474 60033 0 / 978 1 474 60034 7 ebook: £20.00 / 978 1 474 60035 4 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 409 16803 4 / 10 hours

‘A powerful storyteller who bridges peer-reviewed science and the creative arts’ – David Rowan, Wired bEAU LOTTO Deviate The Science of Seeing Differently

Neuroscientist Beau lotto reveals the truths of human perception and how to succeed in a world of uncertainty.

In his first major book, beau Lotto draws on over a decade of pioneering research to show how our brains play tricks on us. With an innovative combination of case studies and optical and perception illusion exercises, Deviate will revolutionise the way you see the world.

With this new understanding of how the brain works and its perceptive trickery, we can apply these insights to every aspect of life and work. Deviate is not just an engaging look into the neuroscience of thought, behaviour and creativity: it is a call to action, enlisting readers in their own journey of self-discovery.

• lotto regularly hosts speaking events around the world, and his two main-stage TED talks have had over 5 million views.

Beau lotto is professor of Neuroscience at University College London and specialises in the biology and psychology of perception. He has conducted and presented research on human perception and behaviour for more than twenty-five years. In 2001, beau founded Lottolab, an experimental research space based in UCL.



Location: The Azores and London Available for interview T: @Beaulotto

W&N Non-fiction • April 2017