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W&N Memoir / Nature Hb April £16.99 288pp 978 1 474 60300 3 ebook: £16.99 / 978 1 474 60302 7

ROSAMOND RICHARDSON Waiting for the Albino Dunnock a personal exploration of the mysterious world of birds through a single year.

Waiting for the Albino Dunnock explores the mysterious world of birds through the seasons of a single year. Written by a beginner-birdwatcher with the passion and freshness of a convert, it describes encounters with wild birds in their habitats, travelling through the landscapes of East Anglia where the author is rooted. Personal and elegiac in tone, this journal of a year conveys the wider picture of what it is to be human in the world of nature while highlighting the damage we are inflicting on the environment as technological processes cause irreparable loss to wild birds and the beauty of natural landscapes.

rosamond richardson writes the monthly feature ‘Reflections’ for britain’s biggest-selling bird magazine Bird Watching and has a column in The Countryman. She is the author of the Penguin Classic Hedgerow Cookery and co-presenter of bbC Two’s Discovering Hedgerows.


Location: Saffron Walden, Essex Available for interview

W&N Non-fiction • April 2017

W&N Science Hb / ETPb April £16.99 / £14.99 256pp 978 1 474 60186 3 / 978 1 474 60187 0 ebook: £16.99 / 978 1 474 60189 4 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 409 16807 2 / 15 hours

MARCUS CHOWN The Ascent of Gravity The Quest to Understand the Force that Explains Everything an exploration of the force that keeps our feet on the ground and holds the key to understanding our universe.

Gravity is the weakest force in the everyday world yet it is the strongest force in the universe. It was the first force to be recognised and described yet it is the least understood.

Award-winning writer Marcus Chown takes us on an unforgettable journey from the recognition of the ‘force’ of gravity in 1666 thanks to Sir Isaac Newton, to the discovery of gravitational waves in 2015. And, as we stand on the brink of a seismic revolution in our world view, he brings us up to speed on the greatest challenge ever to confront physics.

Formerly a radio astronomer at the California Institute of Technology, Marcus Chown is a writer, broadcaster and cosmology consultant for New Scientist. He is the author of the app Solar System for iPad, which won The Bookseller’s Digital Innovation of the Year Award.


Location: London W1 Available for interview T: @marcuschown