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ALEx RENTON Stiff Upper Lip a revealing account of the abuse that occurs in Britain’s elite boarding schools – and its cultural fallout.

This is the story of generations of parents, britain’s richest and grandest, who believed that being miserable at school was necessary to make a good and successful citizen. The children who were moulded by this misery and abuse went on – as they still do – to run britain’s public institutions and private companies. Confronting the truth of his own schooldays and the crimes he witnessed, Alex Renton exposes the trauma that is a grim rite of passage for britain’s elite, and presents a provocative case for how it affects the whole of society.

alex renton is an award-winning journalist, political correspondent and war reporter in the Middle East, Africa and the balkans. He is the author of Planet Carnivore, a Guardian short on the social history, anthropology and economics of meat.


The russian-born classical pianist’s personal account of a life in music.

These captivating memoirs describe kissin’s childhood in Russia and his family’s decision to live abroad after the attempted putsch at the Russian White House in 1993. With refreshing candour kissin describes the life and attitudes of the mainly Russian Jewish intelligentsia, his views on the performance of music and his personal approach to concerts. The book also offers kissin’s philosophy of life and his understanding of human nature derived from meetings with learned people, books and his own day-to-day experience. He does not indulge in false modesty, but takes a realistic view of who he is in the eyes of the world.

Evgeny igorevitch kissin is a Russian-british-Israeli classical pianist who first came to international fame as a child prodigy. He is especially known for his interpretations of the works of the Romantic era, particularly those of Frédéric Chopin, Sergei Rachmaninoff and Franz Liszt.


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W&N Non-fiction • April / May 2017