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‘Some books set up house inside your soul. The Stolen Child is one such book. Utterly magnificent’ – M. R. Carey, author of The Girl With All the Gifts

LISA CAREY The Stolen Child


a gothic intrigue for fans of The Ocean at the End of the Lane, sarah waters and M. r. Carey.

The Stolen Child is set on St brigid’s Island, a community in decline off the west coast of Ireland. The island possesses no modern conveniences, nor are there any doctors, priests, running water or electricity. The government wants the island evacuated, but several families refuse to go, clinging hard to their traditions.

Among those remaining families are two sisters, Rose and Emer. Rose is beautiful, blessed with fertility and a deep love for her husband, while Emer, blinded in one eye by a swarm of bees as a child, is scarred and wary. She is cursed with a punishing gift – the power to harm with the touch of her hands.

When a dazzling stranger, brigid, comes to the island, the community is immediately suspicious of her charms. but as months pass and brigid carves out a place on the island and in the sisters’ lives, a complicated web of betrayal, fear and desire culminates in one shocking night that will change the island, and its inhabitants, for ever.

‘startling, bewitching and new . . . Fierce and vivid in its portrayals of community, superstition, sexuality and the human need to believe and to connect . . . this is a novel to devour’ Belinda Mckeon, author of Tender

‘a piercing exploration of regret and desire, longing and love. it is a gorgeously written, inventive, and compelling novel’ ayelet waldman, author of Love and Treasure lisa Carey is the author of The Mermaids Singing and Love in the Asylum. She lived in Ireland for five years and now resides in Portland, Maine.


Location: Portland, Maine, USA Available for interview

W&N Fiction • January 2017