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W&N History Hb June £20.00 352pp 978 0 297 86690 9 ebook: £20.00 / 978 0 297 86691 6

JAMES EvANS Emigrants Why the English Sailed to the New World an absorbing, unconventional approach to the mass emigration from England to the americas in the seventeenth century.

During the course of the seventeenth century nearly 400,000 people left britain for the Americas, most of them from England. It was an astonishing outpouring, but few have looked in detail at the lives these emigrants led or asked, simply, why did they go? Using contemporary sources from diaries, court hearings and letters, Emigrants casts light on an unprecedented population shift – a phenomenon that not only helped shape modern America, but continues to shape the modern world – and uncovers the fascinating reasons behind why so many people left England for a new life in an unknown part of the world.

James Evans is the author of Merchant Adventurers: The Voyage of Discovery that Transformed Tudor England, and has written and produced many historical documentaries for the bbC and Channel 4.


Location: London, NW5 Available for interview T: @JamesEvansuk

W&N bridge TPb June £14.99 192pp 978 1 474 60563 2

RON kLINGER bridge Conventions, Defences and Countermeasures

The leading expert guide on bridge conventions, brought up to date with an additional thirty-two pages.

This book contains the most common conventions you are likely to encounter at the duplicate table, together with defensive measures you can take, plus countermeasures against each part of the defensive methods. Importantly, however, bridge continues to evolve. New ideas are tested and played for some time. They are then either discarded, become part of mainstream bridge or are adopted by a significant number of top players. The material in the additional chapter covers the most recent developments in bridge bidding, and will give you ideas for inclusion in your regular partnerships.

‘Marvellous for refresher reference’ Oxford Times ron klinger is a leading international bridge teacher and has represented Australia in many world championships since 1976.


Location: NSW, Australia Available for interview Master Bridge series in association with Peter Crawley

W&N Non-fiction • June 2017