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Orion Non-fiction

Orion Non-fiction publishes the very best commercial non-fiction. Our titles are first to market, and categorykiller Sunday Times and backlist bestsellers. We acquire and nurture successful brand authors who regularly deliver quality content. We launch new authors with confidence and flair, and publish household names with passion and experience. The list has an eclectic range of titles but the books all share Orion Non-fiction’s trademark qualities of being beautifully designed and produced, richly informative and highly entertaining. They are also award winners, and are published with a ‘style not fashion’ confidence that ensures their longevity and success. Genres include autobiography and memoir, inspirational narratives, music, ideas, humour, cookery and lifestyle.

Orion Non-fiction authors include the Hairy bikers, Davina McCall, Fearne Cotton, bryan Cranston, Michel Roux Jr, TED talker Amy Cuddy, kate Harrison, Justine Pattison, Rose Prince, Jo Frost, Martin Morales (author of the Sunday Times Cookbook of the Year, Ceviche), barbara and Allan Pease and Sir Terry Wogan.

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