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Orion Spring Careers TPb / ETPb April £16.99 / £13.99 256pp b/w illustrations 978 1 4091 6707 5 / 978 1 4091 6708 2 ebook: £20.00 / 978 1 4091 6710 5


The modern playbook to finding the perfect career path, landing the right job, and waking up excited for work every day.

In this definitive guide to the ever-changing modern workplace, kathryn Minshew and Alexandra Cavoulacos, the co-founders of popular career website, show how to find your perfect career. Through quick exercises and structured tips, the authors guide you as you sort through your countless options; communicate who you are and why you are valuable; and stand out from the crowd.

The New Rules of Work shows how to choose a perfect career path, land the best job, and wake up feeling excited to go to work every day – whether you are starting out in your career, looking to move ahead, navigating a mid-career shift, or anywhere in between.

kathryn Minshew and alexandra Cavoulacos are co-founders of, a career platform and community helping 50+ million millennials to find inspiring careers at innovative companies. They have both been named in Forbes’ 30 Under 30.


Location: New York Available for interview T: @kmin T: @acav

Spring Non-fiction • April 2017

Orion Spring Health TPb April £14.99 256pp 978 1 4091 6470 8 ebook: £14.99 / 978 1 4091 6472 2

HANNAH RICHARDS The best Possible You

Discover how to improve your health and heal your body.

In this unique practical guide, leading nutritionist Hannah Richards shows us how we can improve our health by getting back to the basics and building a relationship with every part of our bodies. Each chapter covers an organ of the body and features:

• what it does. • how to keep it healthy. • how it can go wrong, and how to heal it when it does. • healing foods including recipes and diet plans.

Written in an accessible, engaging style, each chapter is full of practical information and takeaway tips.

hannah richards is a nutritionist with prestigious qualifications matched by only a handful of others in the Uk. She is an Advanced Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, C.H.E.k. Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level III and a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist. She is a regular contributor to publications including Cosmopolitan, and the Daily Telegraph.


Location: South kensington, London Available for interview T: @Mtskitchen