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Orion Spring Lifestyle Hb June £16.99 256pp full colour throughout 978 1 4091 7023 5 ebook: £16.99 / 978 1 4091 7024 2

LYDIA bRIGHT Live, Laugh, Love, Always Lydia lifestyle blogger and star of TOWIE lydia Bright shares her life, style secrets, inspirations, dreams and challenges.

Entrepreneur, sister, daughter, friend, blogger, fashion designer, adventurer, Tv presenter, campaigner, role model, dreamer and doer – Lydia Rose bright is not your typical reality Tv star. She captured the nation’s hearts with her unique style and loveable personality, and in Live, Laugh, Love, Always Lydia, she lets us into her world. Full colour throughout, the book covers everything from her childhood to the bright lights of TOWIE and beyond, and gives exclusive insight into everything that is important to her – love, health, food, style, beauty, selfconfidence and positivity.

lydia Bright hit the nation’s Tvs on the bAFTA Award-winning reality series, The Only Way is Essex. Positioned as the show’s resident fashionista and girl next door, Lydia has been championed by the british press and singled out for her unique style and infectious personality.

Orion Spring MbS TPb June £14.99 256pp b/w illustrations 978 1 4091 6945 1 ebook: £14.99 / 978 1 4091 6946 8 Audio: £19.99 / 978 1 4091 7086 0 10 hours

DR CLARE JOHNSON Dream Therapy how to dream your way to health and happiness.

Dreams can have a powerful effect on our waking life – we’ve all woken happy and refreshed from a particularly pleasing dream or scared and sad because of a vivid nightmare.

In this practical how-to guide, leading dream expert Dr Clare Johnson shows us how to understand the language of dreams, how to wake up in our dreams, and finally how to transform our dreams to improve our waking life.

Each chapter is packed with helpful tips, cuttingedge scientific findings and fascinating examples of how people have used their dreams to achieve mindfulness and improve their lives.

Dr Clare Johnson is the leading expert on lucid dreaming. She has a PhD from the University of Leeds on using lucid dreams as a creative tool and regularly gives talks and leads workshops on the subject.


Location: London Available for interview T: @lydiaroseBright i: @lydiabright

Spring Non-fiction • June 2017


Location: Germany Available for interview T: @lucidClare