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Mandy Clare explores the gifts that parenthood has to offer new families 16 HOME SWEET HOME

Creating nurturing environments for children by Pam Leo FAMILY LIFE 15 SUNDAY SELECTION

Things to do on a relaxing family Sunday 18 SPIRITUAL PARENTING

Natalie Fee blows Spiderman’s cover and restores peace and harmony to her son’s room 64 MODERN DAD

Adharanand Finn turns midwife and helps his wife deliver their third child 90 THE GOOD LIFE Making

use of hedgerow gifts such as nettle and crab apples to create country wines LEARNING 33 EDUCATION NEWS

The best alternative schools and news about the home education review

4 The Green Parent


Joan Gorman shows how to create a fun game 37 NATURAL LEARNING

Gill Kilner explains how home education works for her family of five 38 ON THE BOOKSHELF

Great green reads for the whole family SEASONAL FOOD 41 ON YOUR PLATE The real

forbidden fruit and pleasing pumpkin recipes 43 PRESERVE IT Delicious

jams and spreads to make use of gluts in your garden WELLBEING 47 HEALTH TIPS Solve

teething troubles and try natural remedies to avoid flu bugs this autumn 49 TRIED AND TESTED

Our reader panel put natural and organic shower gels to the test 50 HEALING TOUCH How

massage can be used to treat common childhood ailments

19 LEARNING SPECIAL 20 MONTESSORI EDUCATION Can Montessori teaching and attachment parenting actually work together? asks parent and educator, Rachel Bee 24 MAKE YOUR OWN TOYS Craft projects for beautiful, simple natural playthings that you can easily make yourself, at home, including a hobby horse 26 PHILOSOPHY FOR CHILDREN Lou Lou Pulford explores creative thought with her primary school pupils and discovers the huge benefits it offers 28 GETTING STARTED IN HOME EDUCATION Exploring ideas and tips for parents interested choosing the alternative route

Learning Special

Green ParentThe

Learning Special

This section looks at some of the different methods of education available. Whether you are inspired by

the child led approach of the Montessori classroom, want your child to attend the local primary or have chosen home

education, you will find lots of useful resources inside.

20Explore how basic skills are

taught in the Montessori

classroom and if this can work

alongside attachment parenting.

24Making toys from natural

materials is a fun activity

with a great end result. Why not

make your own hobby horse?

26Discover how school children can really explore

an issue using philosophy lessons

as a starting point for discussion.

28All your questions about home education answered

with advice on how to get started

and why it works for families.

32The latest educational news. Discover the best

alternative schools, learn about

forest nurseries and art events.

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